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859-14807 Phase Out iMcV-S2MM/1250,SSLX-SM1550/ -SC+SX-MM850-SC(1550XMT/1310RC

  1. Phasing Out - Last Time Buy (September 30th 2018)
  2. Mode converter, includes protocol-independent operation in an iMcV module form factor
  3. Converts Single Strand Fiber, Single mode fiber, 1550 (1550xmt/1310rcv) SC connectors, to Multi mode fiber, 850nm SC connectors
  4. Supports 1.25Gbps speed
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Order Information

Part No. Description Qty
859-14807 iMcV-S2MM/1250,SSLX-SM1550/ -SC+SX-MM850-SC(1550XMT/1310RC
Part No. Qty
iMcV-S2MM/1250,SSLX-SM1550/ -SC+SX-MM850-SC(1550XMT/1310RC
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