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Current Loop Converters

Current loop devices use current on or current off to transmit binary digits. B&B current loop converters interface RS-232 and RS-422/485 systems to the most common current loop ports, 20 mA ports with open circuit voltages up to 30 V. Many models can be modified for higher loop currents and voltages.
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Isolated Current Loop Converter - UL Rated
  1. Converts RS-232 to 20mA current loop
  2. 2000V optical isolation protection from transients
  3. One Transmit current loop & Receive current loop
  4. Current loops can be set to Active or Passive
  5. -40 to 80°C wire operating temperature


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Current Loop to Serial Converter
  1. Optically isolated digital current loop to serial conversion
  2. Baud rates up to 19.2 kbps
  3. Transmit (T+ and T-) loop and Receive (R- and R-) loop
  4. Each current loop may be operated active or passive
  5. Designed for 20mA digital current loop


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