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Power over Ethernet

Technology exists to get the job done as efficiently as possible and PoE is best where large data transfers and the flexible distribution of power are needed. PoE and PoE+ are both elegant and entirely pragmatic choices for industrial applications. Using a single cable for both power and data saves cost in installation, deployment and maintenance expenses.

Explore our range of PoE products:

Security and Surveillance

PoE ensures your IP cameras are always connected and video files are reliably transmitted to the NVR. Standard PoE is used on most IP cameras, with PoE+ used for PTZ cameras or cameras with fans and heaters for outdoor. If you have older cameras you don’t want to replace but you do want the advantages of PoE, you can use a PoE Splitter to convert a camera’s power and data supply. If you’re looking to connect multiple cameras or other devices to your system, you can select from our managed PoE switches that include network management features.

  • • IP Cameras
  • • Facility Access Systems


IT Network Equipment

Originally targeted for VoIP installations, PoE is rapidly extending into building automation networks, delivering electrical power and transmitting communication signals over standard low-voltage category cabling to a variety of end points. LED lighting, HVAC controls and other locally networked devices are well supported by the high availability of power, uninterrupted service and lower operating expenses. Overall, PoE improves network resiliency at a lower cost.

  • • VoIP
  • • Building Automation
  • • Lighting Control


Digital Signage

The convenience PoE for Digital Signage is easy to recognize. Using a single cable to both deliver content and power a device is a great advantage, and many don’t realize that Ethernet cabling is ultimately cheaper than traditional AC wiring. Plus, the use of PoE eliminates the AC/DC connection as a path for surges into equipment, providing an extra layer of protection to your connected devices. For flexibility of placement, lower cost and ease of installation, PoE products from B+B SmartWorx are an excellent choice.

  • • In Facility Alert Systems
  • • Mobile Roadside Signage



Using a remote field device with an Ethernet connection offers the same low installation and deployment costs as traditional RS-485 or RS-422 connections, making it a natural upgrade path for industrial networks. Deploying PoE also supports devices and sensors in areas not currently served with separate power cabling that are not well suited for wireless installations. For mission critical applications, using PoE also reduces the need to invest in separate UPS systems for remote devices by using the UPS supporting the central network server.

  • • Factory Networks
  • • Remote Sensors


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