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Telematics & Fleet Management

It’s not easy to keep costs low, utilization high, drivers educated, and vehicles safe when trying to maintain and run a dependable, safe fleet. Whether it’s easy or not, it’s the fleet manager’s job. With subpar data and unreliable network connections, it can make that job nearly impossible, especially when supporting a mixed fleet of light-duty, medium-duty or heavy duty vehicles. With a range of Heavy Duty Vehicle converters and OBDII converters and gateways, B+B SmartWorx opens the door for increased efficiency and richer applications for telematics fleet management systems.


Omnitracs users can order their customized, BB-QCLDVDSV2-KIT here. Manufactured at our plant in Ottawa, Illinois, this kit is engineered for use in mixed fleets. For any questions, please reach out to our tech support team for assistance.


Medium Duty Utility Trucks | Mixed Fleets | Light Duty Vans | Automobiles

OBDII, or On-Board Diagnostics, monitors parts of the chassis, body and accessory devices, as well as the diagnostic control network of a light/medium duty vehicle. B+B SmartWorx OBDII converters simplify vehicle interface systems and translate the complex data from the vehicle bus and convert them into easy-to-use parameters. This allows Telematics Service Providers to focus on what’s important—developing best of class applications.


Heavy Duty Vehicles

J1708 | J1939

B+B SmartWorx Heavy Duty Vehicle converters connect an application gateway to the bus found on most heavy-duty vehicles, while cables aid in interconnections between the interface adapter and vehicle interfaces. Our intelligent HD3-A3 interface adapter follows a simple operational protocol to communicate to the J1708 and J1939 bus. It solves timing problems encountered when operating in a Windows environment and an embedded microprocessor handles buffering and timing, reducing bus collisions. This allows data to access the bus with a much greater degree of precision than any non-intelligent interface adapter.

If you are a Fleet Management Services Provider and would like to learn about what Streamer can deliver for you, complete the form below and a B+B SmartWorx team member will be in touch.

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