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Wall Transformer Power Supplies

Selecting the right power supply for your cellular applicatoin can make all the difference. Choose from B B SmartWorx’ wide selection of country specific power supplies and plugs, voltages and connector options.
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Power supply with 4-way mini MOLEX connector (4 pins) - 12V/1A
  1. For SmartStart router
  2. 12V/1A
  3. EU/US/UK/AUS plugs


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Power supply v2 routers, US
  1. For all v2 routers
  2. 12V/1A
  3. US plug
  4. WR 2pins connector
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Power supply, MOLEX connector, 12V/1A
  1. For SmartFlex/Motion/Swarm
  2. 12V/1A
  3. EU/US/UK/AUS plugs
  4. Molex connector with 2pins


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PoE PSE Power supply, SmartFlex/Motion/Swarm
  1. For PoE PSE versions SmartFlex/Motion
  2. 48V/1.35A
  3. Without Power Cord


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